5 Pillars

DangerZone Special Needs Travel, Expression of Faith has adopted Five pillars of Excellence as the foundations for it’s vision to transform the travel experience. The Five pillars are Service, Quality, People, Integrity, Peace of Mind.

Service – This pillar demonstrates DangerZone Special Needs Travel commitment to providing an excellent experience and excellent service to it’s customers.

Quality – This pillar demonstrates customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, speaking with facts, and respect for people.

People – This pillar demonstrates winning strategy and focus on people, DangerZone Special Needs Travel set out to meet that needs of our clients, accountability, pursuit of excellence.

Integrity – This pillar demonstrates always do what is right without regard to difficulty or convenience. Our character and ultimately, our success will be based upon our integrity, fairness and honesty.

Peace of Mind – This pillar demonstrates set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. Plan the trip of a lifetime. You’ve worked your whole life for moments like this. Plan them to a T because you’ve earned it.